We are a company specialized in Human Resources Management with local presence in more than 6 Latin American countries.

Our experience in SAP implementations has allowed us to closely understand the needs of our customers, thus having a broad array of solutions, which in turn converts into an integral service.

All of our professionals have vast experience in diverse platforms and HR systems, which helps to provide an exact, punctual and transparent solution, with low operational costs and highly effective delivery.

Our seriousness and dedication have distinguished us on over 160 projects which we have carried out in the Region. We walk side by side with our customers, from the very first moment of requirements gathering until the final implementation of the solution and continuous post go live support.

Working closely with our customers, learning to detect their needs and adapting to their requirements, contributes to the increase of productivity and the development of human capital.

Our alliances with SAP and SuccessFactors as a strategic Partner, has positioned us as leaders at a regional level in Human Resources Management. Our consultants are certified in these tools and have vast experience in successful implementations.


The execution is the difference

Human Capital Consulting is a SuccessFactors Sales and Strategic Partner, leading provider of cloud software for business execution.

We are the Partner with the highest amount of SuccessFactors certified consultants in the region, which allow us to rely on a great delivery to implement in time, shape and based on industry best practices. We have a highly qualified professional team to train our customers in the use and potentiality of all services offered by SuccessFactors.

Learn about Human Resources best practices from Human Capital Consulting and SuccessFactors.

Shorten the distance between strategy and execution so as to ensure that all employees are performing adequate tasks at the precise moment.
The SuccessFactors Business Execution Suite includes


Our experience in SAP (HCM) human resources management at a local as well as regional level consolidates us as leaders in the optimization of human resources management processes and its integration with the rest of the company.

More than 80% of our consultants are certified with the latest version of SAP HCM. We are committed to the development of new professionals, to meet SAP market requirements, and to have the best resources in the information systems area, oriented towards Human Resource processes.

SAP HCM focuses on optimal management of the human resources department, not only contemplating administrative management (contracts, categories, payroll, etc.), but employee time management (time entries), coordination of means available to the company with employee aptitudes, the search of incentives which resonate into improvements of company objectives, always looking to maximize the value of employees.

  1. 1Self Service portals
  2. 2Candidate Management
  3. 3Personnel Management
  4. 4Personnel Development
  5. 5Training
  6. 6Time Management
  7. 7Performance
  8. 8Payroll Management
  9. 9Personnel Cost Planning
  10. 10Others

Project Management Office (PMO)

To manage projects it is necessary to have consolidated information which will allow for optimization of resources and timely decision making.

A Project Direction Office is established in conjunction with the client within the company to identify, prioritize, direct and control the projects so as to reach specific and strategic objectives of the organization.

Human Capital Consulting assigns a team of professionals to the client that have vast experience in SAP solution implementations supporting them throughout, providing critical information and measuring the analytical processes of the Project.

The methodology and tools we utilize are based on ASAP METHODOLOGY FOR SAP IMPLEMENTATION and EMPOWER from SUCCESSFACTORS. This standard has the best practices from PMI and everything necessary so that your Project is successful.



Services from our PMO:
  • Develop training and formation plans for managers and their work teams
  • Document Project management processes
  • Project coordination
  • Administration of assigned and/or shared resources of the project
  • Monitor and control the projects with cost, time and quality indicators
  • Gague and program at a high level, Project stages and its interaction with other plans
  • Assisted evaluation of the ROI investment return
  • Assistance in the elaboration of the Project plan
  • Administrative and technological support with Project tools

Other services

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Technical and functional arquitectures
  • Data security
  • Knowledge management
  • Business process re-ingeneering
  • Basis service
  • ABAP and Software Factory services
  • Corrective support services
  • SAP HR Advisory
  • Mobility solutions

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¿Cómo se evidencia la buena gestión de recursos humanos?

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